Who Are We

Acubolt is a revolutionary health and fitness brand specializing in massage guns, a device designed to improve the everyday life of sports and fitness enthusiasts around the world. We are a privately-owned and dedicated to bringing premium, high-quality massage therapy equipment to the marketplace helping athletes and individuals to fast-track their healing and recovery.

Quick healing and rehab is the goal of every athlete. The pains from injuries and the need to get back doing the things we enjoy doing is what inspired Acubolt. Here, we are more than just a fitness brand. We understand the pain and struggles on the journey to perfect body fitness. Every success stories often contain anxiety, weakness, and chronic pains. Our goal is to help you live healthy and happier by bringing our user-friendly, cordless, state-of-the-art massage device to improve your fitness and overall wellness that form staples in your backpack with the best companionship possible.